The Cognac Region
Cognac The Cognac Region
The Cognac region combines diverse landscapes with an exceptional microclimate caused by the influences of the nearby ocean on the continent. Each of the six Crus of the AOC has its own distinct personality. It expresses itself in the intricate blends of aromas and tastes characteristic of each Cognac.
On The Banks of the Charente
The banks of the CharenteThe Cognac Delimited Region extends along the banks of the Charente, the wide, beautiful river described by Henri IV as “the loveliest stream in my kingdom”.

It covers a large part of the Charente department, all of the Charente-Maritime, and several districts of the Dordogne and Deux-Sèvres.

Cognac: a rich and varied landThis ancient country, once called Aunis, Saintonge, and Angoumois, is characterized by its wide variety of landscapes: "champagnes", with chalky soils, plains with red, stony earth, and green valleys separating the hills and marches, dotted with woodland of various types.
The Heart of Cognac
Cognac: the docks of the Charente In the heart of the region are the cities of Jarnac, Segonzac and Cognac, which gave its name to the renowned eau-de-vie.
Cognac lies 465 km from Paris, 120 km from Bordeaux, and 100 km from La Rochelle. The region includes many places worth a visit such as Angoulême, Saintes, Rochefort, Royan, and the islands of (nicknamed “Ré la blanche”) and Oléron (called “Oléron la lumineuse”).
A Question of Climate
The art of living in CognacWith sufficient rainfall and an average annual temperature of about 13°C (55 ºF), the Cognac region has the perfect climate for producing high quality wines.
This special microclimate certainly contributes to the the pleasant elegance and refined charm of the Cognac art de vivre as it is sometimes described.